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Trainalta.com, powered by the Alta Community Platform, offers martial arts and combat sports programs such as the Warrior Training Program and UFC Fit Program, supported by strategic partnerships with gyms, coaches, athletes, and influencers to facilitate effective communication, curated content, and easy onboarding. The platform enhances both digital and in-gym experiences, enabling seamless community engagement. The globally renowned Warrior Training Program, operating in over 100 locations worldwide operates through a revenue-sharing model with gym owners, culminating in a sanctioned amateur MMA final fight night, catering to beginners seeking fitness and lifestyle changes.

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The Underground & mixedmartialarts.com

Since its 1998 inception, The Underground has been a pivotal force in MMA, and with its integration into the Alta Global Group following the acquisition of mixedmartialarts.com in November 2023, our portfolio gains significant strength, leveraging mixedmartialarts.com’s top 3 global ranking, 530,000 user profiles, 15 million views, and over 5 million social media followers to actively engage fans and shape help support gyms, coaches, and participants.


Hype is a subscription-based mobile marketing platform designed to help small businesses grow in today’s age of social media. This innovative product blends the functionalities of a mobile website builder, with the core email and SMS marketing capabilities of a CRM system, alongside an integrated payment system. Hype caters perfectly to owner-operators who manage much of their business on their phones, ideal for combat sports gyms. Hype helps strengthen Alta’s vision to convert fans to participants by providing invaluable tools to our gym owner, coach, and athlete partners to grow their revenues, save costs and add value to their members and community.

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Steppen innovates the fitness industry by aggregating content creators and crafting tailored fitness programs for Generation Z. It’s technology platform synergizes with Alta’s vision to help revolutionize content creation for martial arts and combat sports gyms, providing advanced engagement tools for the community. The Steppen App amassed over 400,000 downloads since mid-2021 and boasts a database of over 280,000 users, predominantly in the United States.